The Top Space Stories Of The Week

The Top Space Stories Of The Week

January 26, 2021

The Top Space Stories of The Week

Here's the 411 of what you missed in the world of space this past week! New changes in the white house, NASA administration, amazing space photos and more.

Apollo 17 Lunar Rock is Displayed In The Oval Office

The Biden Oval Office currently hosts a moon rock collected by the Apollo 17 Astronauts in 1972! The Biden Administration requested an Apollo lunar sample as a symbolic gesture to recognize earlier generations' ambitions and accomplishments.

Scientists Study Pluto's Icy Haze

Moons and planets in the solar system, can have hazes in their atmosphere's. Different temperatures and conditions determine the haze effect for each celestial body. A new study found that the haze blanketing Pluto is made up of ice crystals containing cyanide, which made a beautiful blue halo ring around the dwarf planet.




Scientists Spot 6 Alien Worlds Orbiting a Star

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovered three planets around a star dubbed TOI-178. Surprisingly, when they scientists looked closer, they realized that the worlds seemed to be "keeping time against each other." The system actually hosts at least six planets, five of which tick off orbits in rhythm with the others, which is rare compared to other synchronized systems. 

NASA Has a Acting Administrator

The new Biden Administration has appointed Steve Jurczyk as the Acting Administrator of NASA. Jurczyk has worked at the space agency since 1988.  NASA's former leader Jim Bridenstine resigned on Jan. 20. 

The Sahara Dessert From Space 

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 captured an amazing image of the extremely arid plain nicknamed of the "Land of Terror" from space last week. Look at those incredible shapes and colors!

(PC: ESA).



Boeing Starliner Passes Qualification Review 

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is designed to shuttle astronauts into space in the future. On Monday Jan.18, boeing completed it's formal requalification of its flight software, after experiencing a software glitch in 2019. 

China Makes It's First 2021 Launch 

On Tuesday January 19th, China launched the Tiantong 1-03 communications satellite. This is China's first rocket launch of the new year. 

A Warp In The Milky Way Galaxy 

A warp in the Milky Way Galaxy is now thought to be as result of the Milky Way Galaxy interacting with another galaxy over 3 billion years ago! Researchers studied the motions and positions of stars to learn about the ripples in the Milky Way's shape. 


NASA Demolishes An Old Apollo & Space Shuttle Launch Platform 

NASA's Kennedy Space Center has made the decision to demolish the Mobile Launch Platform-2 (MLP-2). This large steel surface is where the Apollo 14 mission and other missions launched from into space.

Aurora From Space 

On January 22nd, the International Space Station took an astonishing photo of Earth's glowing, colorful aurora amidst city lights coming from the cities on our our planet down below. Aurora is a natural phenomenon wherein colorful lights in the sky are displayed when electrically-charged particles from the sun interact with gases like oxygen or nitrogen in our planet's atmosphere.

(PC: International Space Station).


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