Trick-or-Treat Alternatives for Halloween 2020

Trick-or-Treat Alternatives for Halloween 2020

September 04, 2020

Halloween will be here before you know it, and you may be ready with costume and decoration ideas, but you may be looking for alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating if you're social distancing. We've compiled some tips and tricks to keep the kids entertained if you're choosing at-home activities. See our ideas below, and keep the spirit of Halloween alive, in a new way!


Socially Distant Candy Exchange

Leave candy at the end of your driveway on a table, with a large hand sanitizer bottle near by, and wave to trick-or-treaters as they come by. Socially distant fun, from the comfort of your front porch.


Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

Purchase small Halloween decorations or toys from your local dollar store and hide them around the house. Then put together a scavenger hunt for your kids to find them. You can even turn all the lights out, turn on scary music, and use flashlights to add a spooky style to the hunt. Check out the PDF here for ideas, or print and use for yourself!  


"Easter" in October

Instead of small decorations or toys, use candy, and hold a Halloween "Easter Egg Hunt" or candy-themed scavenger hunt in your home or backyard. Don't forget the Astronaut Ice Cream as the big prize!


Haunted House

Turn your house into a haunted mansion of fun! Have the kids go from room to room with different scary activities to walk through or interact with. Create a haunted maze in the backyard with string, or rope, or caution tape. Get inspired by some of these kid friendly haunted house ideas on Pinterest.


More Halloween Games

A Halloween game night is a perfect way to have Halloween fun at home. See some of our favorite Halloween game ideas:

1) Toilet Paper Mummy Game
In teams of three (one mummy, and two wrappers), see who can wrap the mummy in an entire roll of toilet paper first!
2) Pumpkin Balloon Pop Game 
Write down prizes on small pieces of paper, and put them in orange balloons. Blow up the balloons, stick them to the wall, and have the kids pop the balloon to reveal their treat (or maybe a trick?)!
3) Pin-the-Tail Games
Amazon has a ton of pin-the-tail style games, perfect for at-home family fun for Halloween, and pretty inexpensive too. Check some out here. Or you can always make your own!
4) Halloween Bingo
Find a Halloween Bingo set on Amazon for about $8 here, create your own, or print the one we created here for free. Kid friendly and fun for the whole family, BINGO!
5) Candy Corn Guessing Game
Fill a jar with candy corn, or any preferred candy that fits (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.). Then have everyone guess how many are in the jar. Reveal the amount at the end of the night and closest guess wins a prize!
6) Halloween Charades
Cut up small pieces of paper and write down Halloween-themed words on each one (pumpkin, ghost, doorbell, witch, skeleton, etc.). One person randomly picks a card, and tries to act out the word without talking. The first person to guess correctly gets to act out the next word. Print these charade cards here or make your own! 


Halloween may feel a little different this year, but it can be just as fun, with a little effort and creativity! And remember, whether you're handing out candy or not, the best house on the block needs the best treats



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