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Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches

Try our popular freeze-dried Cookies & Cream Ice Cream sandwiches today! Just like the astronauts eat. It's cookies & cream ice cream, between two chocolate wafer cookies, now in freeze-dried form, for no mess, no melt, and all fun!


    • Ready-to-Eat
    • 3 Year Shelf Life
    • 100% Real Ice Cream
    • Made in USA 
    • Item #: 1300086, 1300082, 1300087, 1300089

  • Ingredients: Milk, cream, sugar, dark chocolate crunch (bleached wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, alkalized cocoa, corn syrup, corn flour, baking soda, soy lecithin, salt, natural and artificial flavors), skim milk, corn syrup, whey, stabilizer (mono and diglycerides, guar gum, cellulose gum, and carrageenan), natural flavor, annatto (color). Wafer ingredients: Bleached wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, caramel color, dextrose, alkalized cocoa,baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, modified cornstarch, salt, soy leciithin. CONTAINS: Milk, soy, wheat.

  • Directions: Ready to eat. No re-hydration necessary. Inside pouch, product paper is slit to facilitate the freeze-drying process. Your ice cream may be a little bit broken. That’s okay! Breakage naturally occurs during the freeze-drying process and does not negatively impact the product.
    Storage Instructions: 3 Year shelf life.

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