12 Creative Holiday Gift Ideas For Space Lovers

12 Creative Holiday Gift Ideas For Space Lovers

Dec 01, 2021Kelly Cavill

It's that time of year again, and we bet you have some space lovers in your life whom you’ll be gifting this season. We’ve gathered 12 of the best space gifts that are guaranteed to rock their world!

Wooden Earth Puzzle

You can find some beautiful wooden earth puzzles on Etsy, Huckberry and Uncommon Goods. A puzzle is a great gift to give this season, as we are all spending more time at home and need to stay entertained! It can also make for an interactive family activity that's screen-free. 

A Space Poster 

There are all kinds of space posters out there, including augmented reality posters that are out of this world cool. If you're looking for a more meaningful gift, Spacetime Coordinates makes personalized solar systems custom made with NASA’s data. For instance, this company can create an intricate solar system design based on the date that you met someone. This company also makes unique apparel and other space-themed gift options as well!

Zodiac Accessories

For the one who LOVES astrology, Etsy has a wide variety of zodiac gifts from art, to jewelry, gift boxes and more. Just be sure you know someone's zodiac sign prior to buying their gift!

Astronaut Ice Cream 

Astronaut Ice Cream makes for the perfect stocking stuffers or addition to any space-themed gift that you're giving this holiday season. Nostalgic for adults, and fun for kids, you can't go wrong with giving the gift of a freeze-dried Astronaut treat designed for space travel! 

Moon Lamp Night Light

Night lights are great for adults and kids alike. The Original Moon Lamp is authentic yet, practical. It doesn't hurt that these are aesthetically pleasing too. The Original Moon Lamp website offers a variety of lamps in different colors and sizes and you can customize your lamp as well. 

Customizable Book About Space

Uncommon Goods lets you customize a book about space for children. This is a great way to further your child’s education about outer space, while making their gift extra special, as the title will depict “ (Child’s Name’s) Book About Space!”

Space Socks

We think socks are "SIRUIUSLY" underrated (especially outer space socks!). From NASA socks, to “I need space” socks, alien socks and more, gifting a fun and funky pair of socks (with some Astronaut Ice Cream) will do just the trick.

Handheld Constellation Identification Planetarium 

This gadget is pretty nifty, as its technology allows you to quickly locate and identify thousands of stars and many constellations in the night sky. For kiddos who are true space enthusiasts, this is a great holiday present!

Great Rockets Of History Mug

This mug is found on Etsy and portrays the history of significant rockets in the history of space travel. We love this gift as it’s fitting for adults & kids alike. You can even put a packet of Astronaut Ice Cream inside the cup for an added space gift surprise! 

Constellation Cocktail Glasses 

For the drink lover. Wine glasses, champagne glasses, or whiskey glasses with constellations is the perfect gift for the sophisticated space lover.  

Space Face Mask

Why not give the gift of safety and make it fun too! Face masks have become a staple accessory for everyone, so you really can’t go wrong with this gift. 

Adult Science Kit

Did you know that there are science kits for adults too? It’s awesome! Companies like KiwiCo allow you to buy age appropriate science kits for anyone. Like a good puzzle, gifting a science kit will allow the "giftee" to use their brain power and take on the role of being a scientist for a little while!