Our Favorite Space Podcasts
Jun 02, 2024
Today, we're diving into the world of podcasts that bring the wonders of the universe...
Witness the Celestial Spectacle: Parade of Planets on June 3, 2024
May 23, 2024
Astronomy enthusiasts and casual stargazers alike are in for a treat on the night of...
Astronaut Foods is now STEM.ORG Authenticated
May 13, 2024
We're excited to share some great news from Astronaut Foods! Our freeze-dried ice cream and...
What Astronaut Foods is doing to help our one and only home planet.
Apr 15, 2024
As a family-owned, member of 1% For The Planet and operator of a 100% renewable energy facility in Boulder, Colorado, we try our best to be a sustainable business. Here are some of our sustainable practices. 
Space Shuttle Endeavor in California Space Museum Exhibit
Apr 15, 2024
Note: The Space Shuttle Endeavor is currently off display while its now home is being...
How Do You Make Freeze-Dried Food?
Apr 12, 2024
How we make our snacks is still a mystery to many! They aren't dehydrated . . .  they're freeze dried, which is a fascinating process all on its own. Learn about the freeze-drying process in this blog.