Back To School Ready: Space Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Back To School Ready: Space Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Aug 27, 2020Astronaut Foods Admin

Back to school might look a little different these days. Being at home 24/7 can be tough on kids and parents alike! So with that in mind, we compiled a short list of fun space-themed learning activities that you can do with the little space lover in your life! Here's a list of fun activities you can do at home to learn more about space!

1. How do Astronauts Eat in Space?

Learn about freeze-dried foods and make it fun with Astronaut Foods! You can plan your own "space lunch" with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert or Astronaut Foods fruits for a healthy snack! 

2. Constellation Craft

With some star stickers and some construction paper, you can make a constellation craft with your kiddo! Have fun connecting the stars to explain how constellations work as well as which ones are which! Get inspired here.

3. Build a Modular Solar System

This is a classic project for the space lover in your home! The solar system is best explained visually for a lot of little guys and girls, and it's a great way to introduce other concepts like orbit and gravitational pull. Get inspired here.

4. Sundial

A sun dial is a great way to teach kids about the sun and about different times of day. You can easily make a sun dial at home with a paper plate and a cone. Leave it outside and check on it periodically so your kiddo can mark the shadow on the plate as it moves around the cone at different times! Get inspired here.


5. Phases of the Moon

Make Oreo moon phases to learn more about the different phases of the moon! You can scrape away icing to illustrate "New Moon", "First Quarter", "Full Moon", and "Third Quarter" moon phases. Explain the difference between waxing and waning to make it even more in-depth. And just as important, you'll enjoy a tasty treat! Get inspired here.

6. Free Resources from NASA

If your child is extra curious, there are endless resources to keep them entertained here! Learn more about specific planets and space facts as you navigate the website and grow your knowledge!

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