The Best Space Photos Of 2020

The Best Space Photos Of 2020

Dec 22, 2020Kelly Cavill

2020 hasn't been a great year . . . but it has given us some stellar space photos! We hope you enjoy this collection of images and get pumped for what's to come for all things space related in 2021.

Total Solar Eclipse

The moon passed between earth and the sun, obscuring the image of the sun to us earthlings.
Total Solar Eclipse


Aurora Borealis In Norway 

A German photographer captured this stunning image of auroral activity on Norway's Lofoten Islands. 

Auroral Activity

Photographer: ANDREAS ETTL

Thor's Helmet 

Deep space objects within the Milky Way galaxy, including stars, star clusters, supernova remnants, nebulae and other intergalactic phenomena.

Stars and Nebulae


Startrails In Namib Dessert

Long exposure caught the mesmerizing starlit sky in Naukluft National Park in Namibia. 

Photographer: QIQIGE (NINA) ZHAO

The Stellar Forge

An orange glow radiates from the center of NGC 1792, the heart of this stellar forge. Captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. 

Photographer: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Lee

Tycho Crater Region With Colors

The Tycho crater is one of the most famous craters on the Moon. The photographer caught the beauty of this crater and the array of color from the soils.

Photographer: ALAIN PAILLOU

The Boiling Motion Of The Sun's Surface 

This image of the Sun's small-scale structure of its surface is very alive. This surface is about 100 kilometers thick and the ever-boiling motion of these convection cells circulate, lasting for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Photographer: ALEXANDRA HART

Beauty of a Polar Night

The clear skies in Finnish Lapland helped this photographer capture the breathtaking painting-like image of  rare polar stratospheric clouds.

Photographer: THOMAS KAST


This image depicts the Sun captured through a special\solar telescope that transmits light at a narrow slice of the spectrum in the near UV. This wavelength shows the details of the low chromosphere, which creates the  crackling texture.

Photographer: ALAN FRIEDMAN

The Magical Milky Way

In the desert at Wadi Rum in Jordan this photographer caught the red dune as a foreground and the imposing Milky Way right in the center of the sky.

Milky Way