Nostalgic Childhood Treats You Totally Forgot About

Nostalgic Childhood Treats You Totally Forgot About

Nov 06, 2020Kelly Cavill

When you look back on your childhood, we bet you have a list of nostalgic foods that hit home for you. We also bet there is a list of nostalgic treats that you've completely forgotten about! Things are tough right now, so let's lighten the mood and take a walk down memory lane to talk about those nostalgic childhood desserts that we KNOW you still love.  

Dirt Pudding

This epic dessert had to be highlighted as it encompasses a delicious mixture of store-bought cookie crumbs, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms disguised as a pretend cup of grossness. This treat is a crowd pleaser for kids and adults because it’s creative and delicious! Dirt pudding is he perfect fun treat for children's birthdays, earth day, or if you simply want to make a fun treat for the family!

Funfetti Cake 

Let’s be honest. Funfetti cake is seriously FUN! This one pairs vanilla cake batter with TONS of rainbow sprinkles that add the perfect texture and rainbow color to every moist bite of cake. Funfetti definitely reminds us of childhood birthday parties. Who’s with us? Also, did you know that you can make a simple funfetti cake in a mug at home in the microwave? It only requires a handful of ingredients that are probably sitting in your cupboard. Funfetti in a mug? Now that's a serious game changer!

Astronaut Ice Cream

So, maybe you didn’t forget about us, or at least, we hope you didn’t! But come on, we have to be on the nostalgia treat list! We are a classic, after all. Hopefully you were snacking on some Astronaut treats at museums and amusement parks when you were a child and thought “Wow! Ice cream that isn’t cold but is freeze-dried, melts in your mouth (not your hands), and is Astronaut Food? That's bananas!".

Banana Split 

Speaking of bananas, how about the good ol’ Banana Split Sundae --  with a cherry on top?! This treat is awesome due to isn’t monstrous size and shareability! Of course, if you want a banana split recipe with a twist, make it freeze-dried. Buy some vanilla ice cream, and sprinkle our crushed Freeze-Dried Bananas, Strawberries, and Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich on top! You’ll receive the flavors of a Banana Split Sundae, with surprisingly satisfying textures you did know you needed. Now that’s a crunchy modern take on a tasty classic!

Puppy Chow 

Next up, is Puppy Chow. Also referred to as Muddy Buddies, this childhood treat is a Midwestern gem! We mean . . . pairing peanut butter with chocolate is golden, in and of itself, but making it crunchy and powdered? Yum! If you’ve forgotten or never have had the opportunity to try this childhood dessert (we feel sorry for you) but you can easily make this recipe at home. Puppy chow includes Chex Mix cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar all combined to make a super addictive, irresistibly snackable treat! 

It's Time To Wake Up The Taste Buds 

Now that we’ve jolted your memory, it’s time to jolt your taste buds! The perks about being an adult is that you can ‘treat yo’self’ anytime you please! So, if you feel like having a nostalgic dessert for dinner, nobody is stopping you . . .

We want to know which of these desserts is most nostalgic for you and why? Comment below!