How To Be The "Good House On The Block" This Halloween

How To Be The "Good House On The Block" This Halloween

Sep 30, 2020Bridey Keating

This year, Halloween will look a little different than years past, and unfortunately, the kiddos are the one's who will get the short end of the stick. This is why we have made a blog about how to make your house the BEST on the block for trick-or-treaters! Since 2020 has been "gourd" for everyone, it's time "lift some spirits" & go above and beyond to make Halloween extra special. Here are a few tips for how you can outperform your neighbors & leave a lasting impression on your trick-or-treaters:

Tip #1: Get Extra Spooky With The Decorations

The best decorated Halloween houses always have the following: spooky lights, pop-out witches and zombies that speak, hanging bats and ghosts, fog machines, skeletons, creepy music, fake cobwebs and spiders, etc. Halloween is all about  bringing on the fright, so this year, make the extra effort to decorate super spooky, because yes, kids want that scare factor! If you have kids, then get them involved in decorating your house, as it makes for a great family activity!

Tip #2: Display Your Carved Or Painted Pumpkins  

Carving pumpkins is a BLAST and of course, another creative Halloween family activity!  Make a day out of it by going to the pumpkin patch, taking time planning everyone's Jack-o-lantern face, then sip some cider as you all carve your pumpkins. Just be sure to get some LED lights or fake candles to put inside of your pumpkins to illuminate their creepy faces!


Of course, not everyone is into the mess and tediousness of carving pumpkins, which is why painting pumpkins is a great second-best option. You can even get glow in the dark paint to make your pumpkins visible to your trick-or-treaters. Once your pumpkins are finished, be sure to make them a part of your Halloween display!

Tip #3 Give Out The Good Stuff

Kids are smart and remember which houses give out raisins, and which houses give out king sized candy bars. You probably still remember the “good” and the “bad” houses from when you were a trick-or-treater. So, don’t leave a bad impression on kids. It’s time to step-it-up and give out some Astronaut Ice Cream! Astronaut Ice Cream is like candy in that it comes in a big shiny wrapper but what makes it even better than candy, is that it isn’t candy! Our ice cream will absolutely make you stand out, as kids will be stoked to try the mysterious freeze-dried ice cream that Astronauts eat! What’s “spookier” than flaky ice cream that melts in your mouth?

Astronaut Ice cream

Tip #4 Dress Up As Something The Kids Will Recognize 

If you're going to be handing out candy (or Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches), then you ABDOLUTELY need a costume, but not just any costume. Nobody wants to have the embarrassing question asked “so what are you supposed to be?” -- even us adults. Whether you're a cartoon character from a TV show or movie, one of those absurd blow-up dinosaur costumes, or something scary, think like a kid when it comes to your Halloween costume.  great opportunity to utilize our creative thinking caps, and make something awesome. Don't forget to dress-up your pups too! 


Do It For The Kids

Halloween 2020 doesn’t have to be a drag. Kids are already having a tough year, so going the extra mile to make your house impressionable is a generous gift --- if you will-- to the kids who crave some sense of normalcy in this very strange year. Put simply, there are really only a few steps to achieve the “good house on the block” status. Epic house decor + epic costumes + epic Astronaut Ice Cream