How To Throw a Kids Space Themed Birthday Party

How To Throw a Kids Space Themed Birthday Party

Feb 19, 2021Astronaut Foods

Looking to plan an outer space themed party for your kiddo's birthday? From invitations, games and activities, food and more, we’ve created a guide with plenty of ideas to help make your space theme party come to life. Read on for tips and tricks on how to make space themed birthday parties a blast!


First things first, begin by planning how many kids will be attending. As a host, this will help you determine the party details such as how much food to make, the amount of party favors you'll need and so on. We've created a fun space-themed birthday invitation that you can use and print onto card stock! 


Blue, green, and black decorations capture the essence of outer space or refer to the galaxy. Dark purples, silvers and metallic will also give a fitting space-age feel. Of course, it's important that the colors are also those that the birthday child likes! 

Aside from the overall color scheme of the party, here are some ideas for additional party decorations. 

UFOS and Rocket Ships

A fun way to incorporate these flying spacecraft is to hang toy-sized versions of rocket ships and UFOs from the ceiling. This will help give the illusion that UFO’s and rocket ships are flying overhead.

Planets and Galaxies 

There are a few ways to add planets and galaxy decorations. One idea is to buy or make your own DIY backdrop with planets and galaxies on it. You can hand this on the wall use it as a background for the dessert table! Another idea is to make DIY balloon planets to hang or scatter through out the house. 

Aliens and Astronauts 

Make some room for the alien and astronaut toys! Place these space toy on the craft or eating table.

If you don't have time to make DIY decorations, you can find all kinds of fun space birthday party decorations online!

Food & Dessert 

Carry out the outer space theme further with the food! These yummy space treats tie the party theme together perfectly!

Astronaut Foods - Astronaut Ice Cream and Freeze-dried Fruit Snacks!

Fruit Kebob Rockets 

Alien Cupcakes 

Space Rocks- green grapes

Saturn’s Rings- use peach gummy rings

Shooting Stars - create star-shaped cutouts of watermelon on a popsicle stick and/or make shooting star grilled cheese sandwiches, using a star shaped cookie cutter to shape the sandwiches 

Milky Way - candy bars (fun-sized)

Intergalactic Games and Activities 

Spaceship Launchpad

Set out a table with different colored sheets of paper allowing the kids to build their own spaceship launchpad. Provide markers or crayons as well so they can design the space shuttle however they like. 

Don't Drop The Asteroid 

In this game, players must keep all the asteroids (balloons) up in the air while the music is playing. When the music stops the space explorers must grab an asteroid. The adult will call out a color. Whoever has that colored asteroid must pop the balloon and complete the challenge inside to get a prize! Continue a game until all explorers have received a prize. 

You’ll need balloons of all different colors, and challenges to put inside them before you blow them up. Challenges could be: doing the moon walk, singing a song, saying the abc's backwards, etc.

    Ring Saturn 

    Set up a beach ball as the planet Saturn and challenge the kids to toss a hula hoop onto the beach ball to "ring Saturn." Increase the difficulty by letting them to to toss the hula hoop from different distances!

    Solar System Bingo 

    For space bingo, you can either make your own bingo cards or download printable versions of space bingo online.

    Rocket Shuttle Landing

    Hang a hula hoop from the ceiling and provide the party guests with paper to make their own paper shuttles. They can then try to fly their shuttle through the hula hoop. Again start close and increase the distance at which they can through.

    Party Favors 

    While candy and Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches make for stellar party favors, you can also give the party guests some spaced-themed printable activities in their party favor gift. You can find FREE printable word searches, space sudoku, and coloring sheets here.

    Give an out-of-this-world treat to all of your party guests! Shop Astronaut Ice Cream and Snacks in various package quantities.