What Your Favorite Constellation Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Favorite Constellation Reveals About Your Personality

Jan 13, 2022Bridey Keating

There's nothing quite like staring up at a clear night sky to pick out constellations. It's like a therapeutic treasure hunt. But did you know that your favorite constellation has a thing or two to say about you?

We know what you're thinking. Another gimmick that claims to know your personality. But constellations were good enough for the Ancient Greeks and later world explorers, so why not see if your favorite pick reveals something about you?

Each of these constellations, with names based in Greek or Roman mythology or with Latin roots, speaks to one of eight unique personality types. 

Choose Your Favorite Constellation 


Ursa Major | Large Bear | The Big Dipper

You are someone who knows how to get things done! Once you have your sights set on something, you won't give up until you achieve that goal. You're action-oriented, decisive, and hit the ground running on your to-do list everyday. 

But you should be weary of your fierce personality hindering your ability to be open to negotiating and compromising with others. Working on this could side of yourself could actually help you get what you want!

Ursa Minor | Baby Bear | The Little Dipper

This constellation contains Polaris, A.K.A. the North Star, so if this constellation is your favorite, odds are, you are a natural-born leader who knows how to motivate those around you. You shine as a beacon of light for your friends, family, and coworkers to follow. 

While the world needs great leaders like you, constantly being in charge can get laborious. You may want to try giving others a chance to take the driver's seat once in a while. 

Pegasus | Winged Horse

Does wise, worldly, and well-traveled resonate with you? By choosing the Pegasus constellation, you reveal that you have a naturally curious and adventurous personality. In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a white, winged horse who soars from one experience to the next. So, like Pegasus, your explorative nature means that you are heavily influenced by the places you've been and the people you've met along the way. 

Just be weary that your on-the-go lifestyle doesn't take away your sense of stability. You likely need to work on finding a balance of constancy and fluidity in your life. 

Crux | Southern Cross

This constellation is historically associated with religion and spirituality. By choosing this constellation, you are someone who believes deeply in your convictions and focus on the simpler side of life. Your humble and gentle persona are some of your most admirable qualities. 

You're inclination to keep life simple is wonderful, but don't let it get in the way of you missing out on big opportunities in your life!

Cassiopeia | The Queen

You're the one who walks into a room with confidence and ease. You're someone who takes care of themselves and knows how to honor yourself first. You have a keen eye when it comes to fashion and design and likely inspire others in the aesthetics department. 

Confidence is key but your confidence can sometimes be seen as cocky. One way to avoid this is to focus on giving complements to others to help them strengthen their own confidence. 

Andromeda | The Chained Maiden

"The chained maiden" constellation sounds dark but really it shows that you're willing to sacrifice your own needs and wants for those around you. You are a generous and giving person who naturally cares deeply for your friends, family and even strangers.

Your constant willingness to give shows that you have an incredibly big heart, but don't let others walk all over you -- you matter too!

Canis Minor | Small Dog

Some may say that you are overly emotional, but you just feel things deeply. You're a sensitive empath who wears their heart on their sleeve. But people shouldn't be fooled by your sensitive qualities. This constellation contains the star Sirius, which is the biggest star in the night sky. Like Canis Minor, your calm exterior may be masking a fiery and complex interior.

Because you feel so deeply, it's important for you to be cautious of being overly dramatic. You could benefit from implementing some meditation or yoga into your routine to give yourself a break from your highly emotional inner life. 

Orion | The Hunter

You're middle name might as well be adventure because if there is a chance to take a risk or be challenged, you're in. By choosing "The Hunter" you not only reveal that you're an adventure-seeker but that you are naturally drawn to athletics and fitness and truly enjoy being active. As Orion is the son of the sea god Poseidon, you may even be someone who is particularly drawn to swimming and other water sports. 

It's likely that you enjoy pushing others out of their comfort zones to take a risk with you. Just be careful not to push too hard. Not everyone is as big of a risk-taker as you. 


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