Astronaut Foods Collection Bundle

$32.33 $35.92

Get ready to go intergalactic with our out-of-this-world Astronaut Foods bundle pack!

Enjoy a taste-of-space as you savor the original freeze-dried ice cream and freeze-dried fruits. This collection includes every flavor of ice cream and fruit for you and your family to share while gazing up at the stars.

  • Ready-to-Eat
  • 3 Year Shelf Life
  • 100% Real Ice Cream
  • 100% Real Fruit
  • Made in USA
  • The ORIGINAL Astronaut Ice Cream & Fruit

Please see packaging for ingredients and allergens.

Directions: Ready to eat. No re-hydration necessary. Inside pouch, product paper is slit to facilitate the freeze-drying process. Your ice cream and fruit may be a little bit broken. That’s okay! Breakage naturally occurs during the freeze-drying process and does not negatively impact the product.

Storage Instructions: 3 Year shelf life.