What is Halloween Booing? 5 Ways To Surprise Your Neighbors This Halloween

What is Halloween Booing? 5 Ways To Surprise Your Neighbors This Halloween

Oct 20, 2021Kelly Cavill

"You’ve Been Booed!" Halloween booing has been a tradition that kids have participated in for decades! If you aren't familiar with this Halloween tradition, booing is an act of surprising neighbors with treats or Halloween gifts during the month leading up to the 'spook-tacular' holiday. Families sneak these Halloween gifts onto their neighbors' or friends' porches with a note saying "You've Been Booed!"

Booing is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit while also taking the time to surprise a friend or neighbor with a Halloween gift! This blog will give you great ‘Boo’ gift ideas that you can put together with your kids at home. After all, we know they are dying to have some Halloween fun! Plus, Booing is totally socially-distanced approved! 

Create A Boo Basket 

Find an old gift basket or Halloween candy bucket and fill it with all kinds of goodies! The grocery store or dollar store will have plenty of Halloween-themed gifts from baked treats, candy, toys, & fun knick knacks! Due to the pandemic, opt for packaged sweets instead of home-made baked goods. Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches make for great pandemic-approved treats to add into your gift basket! Put your Halloween goodies into baggies, then staple on some DIY printable Halloween labels! You and your kids can create fun labels with Halloween colors, and art using a Word Document or Google Document. Then simply print, fold and staple your labels onto the goodie bags! 

Boo Mason Jars

Decorate some mason jars with paint, create some ''You've Been Booed Labels” to attach with string, and fill the jars with candy! This is an awesome activity for the kids as they can help decorate the exterior of the jars and decide what kind of candy they’d like to fill the inside of the jars with! For example, use yellow, orange, and white paint for one jar and fill with candy corn, make rainbow polka-dots on another jar and fill with M&Ms or Skittles, or paint a jar white and fill with ghost poop (AKA mini marshmallows!). These Boo mason jars are cute, simple gifts that are fun to make! 

Deck Out Someone’s Front Porch 

Get together some masking tape, paper plates, construction paper and streamer paper and turn a family friend’s door into a monster door! Maybe even buy some mini pumpkins or other fun Halloween decorations to use for this surprise as well. We can’t guarantee every neighbor will appreciate this Halloween surprise, so save this idea for close friends. Your kids will really get a kick out of helping to decorate the porch of people they know well! 

Gift Some Fun Halloween Activities 

This Boo idea is perfect to gift anyone with kids and to use for your own (if you have little ones). Especially now that everyone is at home, coming up with ideas to keep the kids entertained can become a chore. Instead of candy and treats, give a Boo gift full of Halloween games & activities. Print off some Halloween coloring sheets, Halloween Bingo Sheets here, Halloween Charades here, make some slime (or give your neighbors supplies to make their own DIY slime), give a bag of marshmallows for a marshmallow toss, toilet paper for toilet paper mummy contests . . . the Halloween activities are endless! See more of our ideas in this blog here. 

Don’t Forget! 

Be sure to include a "You've Been Booed" printable here & "We've Been Booed" printable herein your Boo surprise! Not everyone will know what to do once they’ve been Booed so be sure to print out a sign that explains what this Halloween tradition is and how the recipient can carry it out for the next neighbor. Be sure to share this blog with your friends and neighbors!