Astronaut Ice Cream on NBC's Little Big Shots
May 27, 2020
Have you heard about Jerry? This 6 year old knows so much about space it'll...
The Journey to Alpha Centauri
Oct 16, 2019
As scientists look out into other solar systems and even into other galaxies, one of the things they look for is other earth-like planets. Of course while doing this we’re searching for signs of life but we’re also searching for insights into how our own planet was formed and what it takes to support life. However, visiting any of these planets has been a pipe dream because of the vast distances between us and them. That is, until recently.
Mining The Moon: Top 5 Rare Resources
Sep 27, 2019
There has been a lot of excitement building around NASA’s plan to revisit the moon. Not only do we have more exploring to do, but there are also plans to build a moon base and have humans occupy deep space for extended amounts of time. Returning to the moon offers humanity a source economic growth as well as scientific advances. The moon is, after all, abundant in resources that we have limited access to here on Earth. though speculative, mining the moon is very much on the table.
Space's Role in Climate Change
Sep 18, 2019
Rising global temperatures caused by climate change is of grave concern to everyone who calls Earth home. In order to manage it, we need to be able to measure it. Through the use of satellites, we are able to measure all important climate related data.
A Tiny Satellite Sailing on Sunbeams
Jul 26, 2019
This week, a tiny space craft orbiting Earth did something that has never been done before, it sailed through space. It’s called LightSail 2 and is operated by The Planetary Society. Their little craft is a cubesat and it unfurled a sail made of mylar the area of a boxing ring and the weight of a paperclip. The mylar itself is the width of a human hair and instead of wind, it’s sailing on sunlight.
Send Your Name to Mars
Jun 03, 2019
NASA has yet to announce the name of its new 2020 Mars Rover, but it could be carrying your name all the way to Mars! NASA has invited the public to submit their own name to the agency by September 30, 2019.